Busy woman entrepreneur with no time.

The #1 way to free up your time and get your life back.

Every day, I hear women entrepreneurs lament the many challenges of carving out enough time to fit everything in and to accommodate everyone into their schedules. They are constantly adding an hour here and more time there because they’re “not doing anything anyways”, they can’t say ‘No’, and they always feel like they should be doing more.

From a very young age, we learn to create high expectations for ourselves and everyone around us. We pin all of our hopes and dreams on expectations and measure success and behavior on these too.

We are expected to be polite, generous, and kind. We are expected to get good grades and accomplish great things. We are rewarded for meeting expectations and punished when we don’t.

As we all know too well, this becomes an endless cycle of appeasing others and giving up on ourselves, and all of a sudden we are overworked and exhausted, and no one is getting the best version of us.

Have you noticed when you ask people how they’re doing, they often reply “Oh, I’m just SO BUSY!”, like it is a badge of honor. The busier the better, right? It must mean they are really making things happen. Then immediately we dive down the rabbit hole of “Am I doing enough?”

When we look at our calendar, we often look for empty spaces to fill, then we fill and fill and fill. So, I have a simple trick to help you protect your time and get your life back.

Plan your negative space first.

What does negative space have to do with time? You might ask.

Negative space is a concept used in art to depict the empty space around an object. In this case, negative space refers to the time that you don’t want to be working, obligated to responsibilities or other people…it’s the empty space.

What’s left is the time you have to work with, period. Then protect that negative space with all you’ve got!

I help women entrepreneurs face their money fears, build self-confidence, and see new possibilities in themselves so they can rediscover the love for their business and joy in their lives with financial independence and security. Click the link below to learn more and book your FREE Coaching Consultation Call… HollyWallisCoaching.com

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