The top tricks to stop running in place and start getting ahead.

Spinning wheels: From running in place to getting ahead.

It seems like we are always endlessly working to get ready for what’s next. Next job, next business decision, next life stage…the next big leap, but every one of us has felt that there are times when we feel we can’t go any further until x, y, and z happen first. There is always at least one thing that you can’t quite do yet, and that brings your momentum to a grinding halt.

At any moment in time, I feel like there are 10 things that I can power through, and 20 things pulling me back. In my logical mind, as long as those 10 actionable things are the big things that matter, at least I am still getting ahead.

I heard an analogy once about a To-Do list being like a bucket of rocks and sand, and as long as you are getting the rocks out of your bucket (off your list), the sand is easier to carry.

But I wonder, am I really getting ahead with that mindset, or am I just standing still with a big ‘ol bucket of dirt?

Honestly, it feels like the tortoise and the hare at once at times. The constant ups and downs of “Let’s do this! I’m so ready” to “Meh, let’s wait a little longer to see what happens”.

Sometimes your gut (or fear) will tell you that you just have to wait for the next move to just come together…or magically reveal itself.

Presto, change-o, BAM! Right? Keep waiting…

Or you might think that it is up to someone else to decide when and how you can take the next step.

Your boss.

Your partner.

The Universe.

Why do we do this…why do we leave our lives in the hands of someone else? Well, simply because it is easier not to do anything even though we need to.

We get comfortable where we are, comfortable in our complacency, in the familiar. You know, living in the ‘good enough for now’.

Here are a few of my go-to tricks to get off the hamster wheel and into the race…

1) Put pen to paper – my favorite is flip charts and markers. The bigger the better when making decisions. You want to be able to see it all clearly.

2) Look at all sides – what you think would make you happy might not always be the best decision when you really break it down…or even worse, what you think is the right decision might not actually make you happy! Keep looking.

3) Talk it through with someone – a Professional Coach is a great choice of course, but whomever you choose, make sure that it is someone that can be an impartial third party and that will not try to sway you in a certain direction. You have to come to the right choice on your own to know it’s really right for YOU.

4) Then, TAKE ACTION! – the only way to move ahead is to take the first step. There is always a starting point, and it doesn’t have to be like jumping off a cliff. Maybe it’s just dipping your toe in the pool.

We just have to take ONE STEP towards doing what we want to finally be getting ahead. That’s it!

Sometimes we can’t see the forest through ALL the trees, so many trees, and it can feel like an overwhelmingly impossible task but there are always small little steps that you can just start to tick off the list, and then all of a sudden, it’s done.

Just start with one step.

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Written by
Holly Wallis, Founder & CoActive Coach
© 2022. All rights reserved.

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