Will money buy you happiness?

Ah, the age-old question and yet we are still looking for the answer.

Money can certainly provide things that bring you happiness but of course, logically, money as a tangible item can not create happiness, an emotion, no matter how much you have. Only you can create that for yourself.

Woman working so hard to make money that she can't remember happiness.

People work tirelessly day and night to ensure that they earn more money to satisfy their needs and wants, and the pressure to do more, make more, and have more is growing exponentially every day. Many of us devote most of our time and energy to hours spent at work rather than spending time on things and people we enjoy. A whopping 50% of our waking hours are spent at work. I bet you can’t think of another single thing that you spend that much time on, other than valuable sleep, if you’re lucky.

“Happiness is composed of seven factors namely, “family relationship, community, social affiliation, financial institution, work, personal freedom and personal values”.

Christo Albor (2009)

As you can see Albor’s findings, money is just a small fraction of what makes us happy. Just doing the basic math, that’s just 14% on our happy meter. This makes me wonder why we place so much weight on it.

The truth is, the more importance we place on money over these other factors, the more unhappy we actually are. The scale is out of balance and you feel it. Every one of us is driven to make some kind of impact in our life, and I am quite sure that no one ever said “I am meant to make a million dollars”.

The trick then is finding a balance between all seven factors of happiness, and here are just a few ways to do that…

3 Ways to Re-prioritize Your Happiness

  • Take an inventory of who and what is most important to you.
  • Decide and define your Happy Time in your calendar before filling it with meetings – and make that time non-negotiable.
  • Look at what is taking up your time now and how you can rebalance your time to meet all seven happy factors.

If you need help to find that balance, just ask.

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