The Top 5 Ways to Add Fun Back into Your Life Today.

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I’m happy you took the time to join me today for this super important topic. Today we’re talking about where on earth did the fun go?

And I’d like to start with a little story…

I was on vacation on the Big Island in Hawaii, and I was sitting down for my morning coffee on the patio of our bed and breakfast, and I saw some cows grazing in the field of the neighboring ranch.

And all of a sudden out of the bushes ran this baby calf, hopping and running all over the pasture. The whole time, the older cows just kept on grazing or snoozing in the long grass even though this little guy was pouncing all around them.

There was no doubt that he was playing like no one was watching.

I watched this go on for a while with no reaction from the older cows, and it made me wonder, at what point in life do we stop playing with reckless abandon?

I’m Holly Wallis, your host in the Professional Women on Purpose community, and the Founder and Lead Coach of Core Essentials Consulting. I am also a service-based business owner of over 15 years and for a long time, I completely lost all sense of fun and enjoyment.

I was so wrapped up in my work and all the responsibility that came with it, that I had no room for anything remotely pleasurable. I forgot what fun even was, and I don’t really know when exactly that happened.

All of the tasks of daily life seem to take over so quickly. Once we start school, studying becomes a priority, then comes work, bills, family, and on and on it goes. And of course, the expectations start flying at us from all directions, and all opportunities for fun and play seem to go out the window.

So that made me think about what seems to be the inevitable change in how we prioritize play and fun.. and I was trying to think of activities that allow us to truly play, not in a structured and organized way, but just for fun without consideration for winning, having a particular skill or talent, or trying to achieve something or be acknowledged by others.

Are there any activities where we can have no expectations of the outcome or what we’re expected to do?

So the next day while I was lounging on the beach, I noticed that regardless of age, this place seemed to be a sanctuary for all kinds of play. People were making sandcastles, playing volleyball, splashing in the water. Everyone was having fun without a care in the world, including my husband who spent HOURS pretending he was a dolphin diving into the waves.

And as I sat there watching fun happen around me, I wondered why the water is considered a “safe place” for people to play without concern of judgment. These are my thoughts…

  1. In the water, we are somewhat hidden. You can play freely without feeling exposed.
  2. We are weightless, and the water lets us move with ease…and
  3. The water just moves us. It’s impossible to be in the water and not be moved by it. We bob in the surf, we are pushed by the waves, our limbs float, and we have to somehow move to stay above water.

And maybe just for a few minutes, the water lets us feel like a kid again. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to recapture that time when we would play endlessly from dawn to dusk, without any concern of what else needed to be done, how we looked, or how we were behaving? Back then, we just used our imaginations, created magical places, and literally anything was possible. At that age, our imaginations were allowed to run wild.

So is that it? Do we stop playing because we start overthinking? Do we start thinking too logically or critically that there is no room left for getting lost in our imagination?

To quote George Bernard Shaw…
“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

Wow, let that sink in for a moment.

So here are some ways to start adding fun back into your life today:

  1. Make space – get rid of anything that pulls your mind away from staying in the present.
  2. Change your device habits – use the phone for connection, like calling a friend, instead of mindless scrolling
  3. Turn on music…and if you feel like it, maybe even dance a little
  4. Try something new
  5. Recognize those little things that give you sheer delight

Allow yourself to rekindle that carefree feeling, and find ways to incorporate fun and play back into your life.

Just give yourself permission to ACT LIKE A KID AGAIN!

I help women entrepreneurs face their money fears, build self-confidence, and see new possibilities in themselves so they can rediscover the love for their business and joy in their lives knowing they are financially independent and secure. Click the link below to learn more and book your FREE Coaching Consultation Call…

Thanks for following along this week. I hope you found this helpful and I’ll see you soon!

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