The secret of an Entrepreneur who refuses to follow the rules

Remember that Math teacher who told you just to use that formula because it works, OR that time you asked your Mom why and she said: “Because I said so”?

I have never been one to just go along with what people tell me to do, I need to know why. Show me the proof. Otherwise, I just figure it out on my own until I come up with the solution that works for me. Even though that often takes a lot more time and effort.

My Dad always said: “You sure do love to do things the hard way.”

You know what? It has always worked, even when the World is totally upside down. Although Math was never my strong suit, I sure can run a kicka$$ business because I figured it out and got the skills to make it happen, and after 15+ years of Entrepreneurship, I have learned how to keep my business growing every single day, even through a pandemic.

The most important question I am asking a lot these days is this…

Is the time and energy that you are spending on this getting you closer to your big picture? If the answer is ‘NO’, put it to the side and move on to the tasks that matter. If the answer is ‘I don’t know’, then maybe it is time to get clearer on your big-picture vision for your life and business so you do not waste one more second spinning your wheels.

But wait, that’s not my big secret. This is… I trust my instincts.

It’s that easy, but few of us trust our abilities to make the right decision because we don’t know where to look to get the answers that actually work for our unique circumstances. It took a lot of practice, mistakes, and learning but I can confidently rely on my finely-tuned intuitive intelligence to make sure that I am 100% sure that every decision I make in my business aligns with what is most important to me and who I am.

I balance what feels right with what makes perfect sense for my business, and then I get the tools I need to take action.

When you are ready to build your decision-making confidence, I am here to help you figure out what you need and how to get it so you can make it happen.

I help women entrepreneurs face their money fears, build self-confidence, and see new possibilities in themselves so they can rediscover the love for their business and joy in their lives knowing they are financially independent and secure. Click the link below to learn more and book your FREE Coaching Consultation Call…

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