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The 3 key ways to define who you are and what you want.

Change is coming…and coming…and coming.

I have to admit, before a global pandemic brought the World to a grinding halt, I totally thought I had it all together. Life was predictable and certain, and everything was going along exactly as it should, but the last few years have brought on a degree of change that none of us were ready for.

Personally, I love change., I always have. I just say bye-bye and bring it on.

Maybe I let things go too easily but it has always been easy for me to put aside what no longer serves me in my life, or what I AM no longer able to serve in a way that feels good for me.

They say the hardest part of change is letting go of what you know and what you have always done. Old habits are hard to break. The scary part of change is that you have no idea what you are walking into, it is new, unpredictable, uncomfortable, and totally uncertain.

Well, to be honest, I don’t love THIS amount of change. This has been a bit much.

Before the doors slammed shut on the World, I was on an uphill climb to achieve my most lofty business goal yet. The one thing I didn’t anticipate is that when my business grew much faster than expected, I lost myself and the vision I had for what this place was meant to be for me and for everyone who stepped foot through these doors.

I didn’t see it happening. I was just running at full tilt and trying to stay one step ahead of the snowball rolling down the hill.

I think back, and I can still feel the knot in my chest that I carried around constantly, but sometimes life has a way of saying STOP when you are not seeing what has been in front of you this whole time. What became glaringly clear was that what I had was not at all what I wanted anymore. Life had changed and I had to change with it.

And I bet you can relate.

I always thought, or at least convinced myself, that this is how it is supposed to be when a business grows quickly. This is the life of an entrepreneur. Hustle and grind.

With every passing day, there was just more to manage and less time spent on what I really love. Mind you, I love spreadsheets and planning and problem-solving, and I am darn good at it, but my true passion is teaching, sharing knowledge, and helping people make a lasting impact on their lives. That’s what I was slowly pushing to the side to make time to accomplish my growth goals, stay on top of my business, and keep my team employed.

So, with a little more wisdom and eyes wide open, I now know that change has this amazing way of reminding us of what we want and what we need, and it also gives us an opportunity to reflect on the past and plan for the future that we really want with a fresh perspective if we choose to look.

With that, I put in place some strategies to stay clear on who I am and what I truly want my business to be. Here they are…

  • Set your priorities – write out the top non-negotiables in your life and business to keep you focused when it gets a bit crazy.

  • Be clear in your values and let no one tear them asunder – it is so easy to become separated from what’s most important, especially when we are in the business of serving others. We become who they want us to be and forget who we are. Write your values down right now – what are your 3 core value words that you can aspire to and honor every day?

  • Put aside the internal dialogue and high expectations – this is a toughy. What others think about us weighs heavily on our psyche and becomes nasty voices racing through our minds. The thought of disappointing others, no longer being enough, or being selfish for wanting something else in your life can wreak havoc. Instead of giving valuable time to those destructive thoughts, try writing out what you will gain by making or embracing change in your life.

I’ll be honest, change did not come easy. In fact, it came with a pile of gut-wrenching decisions, soul-searching, and a bucket-load of tears. What I can say with 100% conviction is that I will never look back.

Bye-bye and BRING IT ON!

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Written by
Holly Wallis, Founder & CoActive Coach
© 2022. All rights reserved.

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